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US Tax Works 2.0 handles the real work for you. We provide the tax expertise and processing procedures that help collect the maximum benefit for you.

We have no business outside the tax credit arena, so we can devote all our time to successfully collecting these credits for our valued clients.

  • Provides an easy to use, fully encrypted, secure web based form for completion by job applicants
  • Maximize qualified credits to increase your profits
  • File electronic forms with the appropriate goverment workforce agencies
  • Prepares and files additional required federal documents as needed
  • Retains documentation necessary for your business needs maintaining complete confidentiality of all information submitted by your company
  • Provides your tax preparer with completed IRS forms at tax time
  • Provides periodic and real time reports on your company’s claim status
  • Current Tax Law

    Under our current tax law, the federal government allows businesses to take advantage of a number of potentially significant tax credits.

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  • Tax Credits

    Did you know that every business, regardless of location, size or industry can take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program?

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  • No Risk To You

    We receive a percentage of the tax credit benefit to the client, only after the client has received the benefit of the credits. There is no Economic Risk To You!

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  • Initial Form

    We are happy to provide a FREE ANALYSIS for your business. This simple questionnaire will help us determine your WOTC potential!

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